Flare Packages



MP’s Single-point flares are used in the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore operations. They employ high-pressure waste gases to achieve an extremely high combustion rate with high smokeless performance and low radiation levels.

Multi-Jet Sonic:

MP’s Multi-Jet Sonic flare systems are used primarily for applications in the oil and gas production industry for both onshore and offshore operations. They are used where high flare gas pressures are available from 15 psig and up.

Madison Petroleum designs and manufactures every flare with high safety and performance for both onshore and offshore operations. We offer different types of flare, Sonic, Assisted (steam, air and gas) and Non-Assisted as per client specifications and site conditions. We have unique and individual flare designs for our clients to provide more applicable and efficiency flares.

Our range of products include the following:

  • Flare tips (VFH, single-point, multi-jet sonic)
  • Subsonic Flares (Assisted & Non-Assisted)
  • Elevated Flares
  • Ground Flares (enclosed flares, burn pits)
  • Retractable multi stack flares
  • Derrick supported flares
  • Self supporting flares
  • Gutted flares
  • Ignition systems (HE, FFG)
  • Flare stacks
  • Auxiliary stacks



MP’s Steam-Assisted flares are designed to dispose of heavier waste gases which have a tendency to smoke. In order to prevent smoke formation, steam is injected into the flare flame through injection nozzles. Steam-assisted flares are used in applications where high pressure steam is available on site.


MP’s Air-Assisted flares are designed to efficient combustion of heavier waste gases at sites where steam or even water are not available. Air-assisted flares are comprised of waste gas and air by using blowers to inject combustion air directly into the waste gas stream. The result cause smokeless burning and long flare tip life. These flares generally dispose of heavier waste gases which have a greater tendency to smoke.


MP’s Gas-Assisted flares are designed for smokeless burning of low-pressure and heavy hydrocarbons. Our design delivers stable burning, high combustion efficiency and low radiation levels wherever steam or air are not available. Certain gases that need to be burned in a flare system have very low heating values, so natural gas is injected into flare tips to prevent of smoking. These flares are typically used for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide/acid gas streams, venting from CO2 floods, and any other situation where a high amount of inert gases are combined with combustible hydrocarbons.


MP’s non-assisted flares and utility flares are used in applications that don’t require smokeless operation, or where smokeless operation can be done without the assistance of external steam, air or gas. Utility flare tips are used for combustion of gases that do not produce smoke and gases with a low heating value, or for installations where smokeless combustion of heavy hydrocarbons is not required. These flare tips are one of the lower capital cost options for safe disposal of waste gases.